What is up beautiful humans. Welcome to the Unbreakable Man podcast. This is the first episode of the show and we’re aiming to provide you with tools and tactics you’ll need to lead and succeed in your business, relationships, money and life. Today, our host Dave Cohodes welcomes guest Zack Blakeney to the show. Zack gets into the dirt about what it was like to be raised by a military father who was locked in warrior mode. He goes on to discuss how porn addiction eventually cost him his marriage, and his relationship with self, before sharing with us the tools, narratives and journey that eventually led to his healing (not without a proverbial knock to the head first).

Dave and Zack get into transformation, and the process, pain and purpose behind why we evolve as men. They talk about escapism, negative identity loops and how they form, toxic masculinity, recognizing and stopping self sabotage and a lot more. This is a must listen episode for any man looking to be more informed, more aware, and more powerful than you were before.

In This Episode:

[1:34] Dave and Zack discuss the emotional numbing that comes with being in a military family.

[3:01] Zack talks about his discovery of porn and how it developed into a problem relatively quickly.

[5:46] How porn led to a series of other behaviors and traits that eventually cost Zack his marriage.

[7:03] Dave asks Zack why he engaged in these things. What was he numbing or escaping?

[8:18] The identity loop, and the evidence to back it up.

[14:13] The guys explain how there is no such thing as toxic masculinity.

[18:18] When does the self sabotage cycle stop?

[22:42] Zack discloses the wedge that broke through the psyche and created his will to change into a better version of himself.

[29:08] Dae dials into why the process of evolution is not easy, but is necessary.

[36:02] Zack shares how to release 50lbs of emotional weight and make sure it never becomes that heavy again.

[41:44] Are ego and shadow the same thing? Zack and Dave contrast their understanding of each.

[45:33] Zack describes the weight and importance of the words we choose.

[50:52] Dave and Zack discuss how self conflict is the biggest waste of your time.

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