What is up, beautiful humans? Welcome to this week’s episode of the Unbreakable Man podcast. In today’s episode, we are gonna dive deep with Sam Morris. He is an incredible coach and facilitator that helps you unpack and uncover a lot in relation to the human experience and human condition. This episode travels through some amazing part of Sam’s journey through shame, addiction, ego and truly being broken, all the while feeling like he was unbreakable. How did he come out on the other side and what kind of growth had to happen before he could become the man he was truly meant to be? Click play and listen to his story.

In This Episode:

[2:16] Sam shares what the word Unbreakable means to him.

[6:24] What happens when you shift from being “invincible” to realizing that you are broken and hurt?

[10:22] What lead Sam into addiction?

[12:11] What is Ayahuasca and what role did it play in Sam’s journey to becoming an unbreakable man?

[19:12] What are unconscious statements and how do they weave themselves into the fabric of your life experience to create outcomes?

[24:00] Sam describes the two types of Ego as he has come to understand them, and how they factor into leading and guiding your decision making.

[29:24] When are triggers a bad thing, and how do you move beyond that?

[45:42] When death comes, where do you want to be?

[1:09:07] Is there such a thing as self sabotage?

[1:18:03] How are you going to move when a moment happens with the potential to either shft or derail your life?

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