What is up, beautiful humans? Welcome to this week’s episode of the Unbreakable Man podcast. This episode carries on the conversation from last week with Dave Hall (if you haven’t checked that one out yet, it’s a great place to start). This week, the Dave’s get into Polyamory and how he lives and maintains his relationships, as well as how he approaches and navigates conflicts that may arise. The guys also get into masculine and feminine energies, how they show up, how they serve our lives, and how they manifest in a relationship between and male and two females. A very open and intriguing discussion on today’s episode, so open your mind, click play and listen in!  


In This Episode:


[3:55] There is no blueprint to polyamory, so how does Dave make it work? 

[9:40] The importance of intention in everything that you do.

[13:57] What does sacredness mean, and how does it show up in Dave’s life? 

[17:41] What happens when misalignments, misunderstandings or miscommunications happen?

[25:10] Every night is a new death.

[29:11] How does one navigate authentic expression and still set as well as respect boundaries? 

[36:21] What are masculine and feminine energies and how do they show up in a relationship with a male and two females? 

[57:56] How does Dave manage large or difficult emotions and emotional states as they come up?


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