What is up, beautiful humans? Welcome to this week’s episode of the Unbreakable Man podcast. This week Dr. Dave Cohodes is joined by Bardia, the Stop Drinking Coach. The gents go deep into Bardia’s story of loss, alcoholism and self improvement in order to uncover the most effective way Bardia has found to stop drinking, and help others to do the same. This is a charged episode that confronts one of the biggest and most common demons in modern society: the normalization of alcohol. If you’re someone who has quit drinking, you’ll appreciate this episode. If you’re someone who wants to quit, this episode is going to give you a look into a process that could make a monumental difference for you. Regardless of where you are on your journey, this episode is full of insights, and goes into some pretty inspiring and life affirming places!


In This Episode:


[5:00] What is the Stop Drinking Coach?

[6:05] What lessons did Bardia carry over from his young life, and how do they serve his mission today?

[12:28] What sparked the paradigm shift that would essentially send the 14 year old Bardia on a lifelong journey of self discovery and improvement?

[15:09] What were some of the impacts and implications of Bardia losing his father at a young age?

[19:22] Is it possible for people to learn things like resilience?

[33:52] What happens when people stop the process of drinking and begin the process of recovery?

[42:00] Where do programs like AAA fall short?

[53:23] What are the next steps when someone identifies that alcohol is no longer a welcome part of their life?

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