What is up, beautiful humans? Welcome to this week’s episode of the Unbreakable Man podcast. In today’s episode we take some deep dives into self-awareness with James Quigley. We are going to delve into how to be self-aware enough to identify some of the common pitfalls in business and day to day life. Together we uncover the key concepts you need to be successful both in work and life to honor your needs by being focused, disciplined, and determining your non-negotiables. Conversation even takes into account patriotism and World War II veterans coming back to the state of men in the United States, and what that looks like as we collectively heal from the past. We explore what it means to balance the trauma with the gentleness of sharing good memories, and how James sourced out good memories from his childhood.


In This Episode:


[1:10] How is opening your heart and mind to others vital to your well being?

[8:05] How did playing sports and reading allow James to hone in on his focus issues? 

[16:05] How does scheduling “non-negotiables”, being disciplined and creating structure provide joy?

[21:35] How do you build your business around your life?

[25:50] Why is it important to value freedom, money and your ego to overcome toxic positivity before it breaks you?

[38:03] How do you hold safe space for sharing intergenerationally and as a coach?

[51:55] How to brace yourself for the potential addiction of spiritual enlightenment and self improvement?

[53:20] How do you safely open up the portal to sharing good childhood memories?

[58:08] James explains his link between Personal Development and Conscious Capitalism.

[1:11:01] How can you use passion as a motivator in the era of the Great Resignation?

[1:32:35] How does James support business development to connect fitness brands with resources using his coaching experiences?


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