If you struggle to get and keep results in your work, in your relationship and in your health, this podcast is absolutely for you. In today’s episode, Dave will be diving into the four elements that every successful man has in his tool belt. He gives insight into defining your lines and boundaries, creating your fundamental habits, preparing yourself for failure, and forging a team to support you in pursuit of your dreams. If you know what it is you want, and which habits will get you closer to your goals it’ll be much more likely to occur, and if you’re not attached to the outcome, and have the best possible people around you on the journey, then it’s not going to hurt anywhere near as badly when you have setbacks. If you’ve been struggling to get from where you are to where you would like to be in terms of your personal and professional fulfillment and success, listen to this episode and get your action plan in place!

[4:10] What does it mean to clearly define your line in the sand, your clear vision and your non-negotiables?

[10:04] How to decide your fundamental habits and the specifics needed to achieve your outcome? 

[16:34] How to take action internally, be prepared for how triggering it is to be attached to the outcome, and also be willing to fail.

[21:43] How to handle failure: a case study of being attached to personal fitness objectives and the value in getting back to fundamentals.

[24:47] Who to hire to support your dreams and why is it so important in the era of the self-made man to have a team in place so that you can achieve success?

I want to invite you into the Unbreakable Man Brotherhood, where we help you clearly define the target of success based on what is important for you using. Starting with these four principles; we help you unlock those blocks that stop you from achieving those results. I welcome you to show up and be the man you want to be and live the life you want to live. See you in the Brotherhood.

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