What is up, beautiful humans? On today’s episode of The Unbreakable Man Podcast, host Dave Cohodes talks to Scott Britton about his breathwork experience, and the existential connections made in his journey. He also shares with us his experience of unlocking the key that only celibate monks could traditionally attain and the energies that come along with that heightened sensuality and trauma release. In the search for meaning as a businessman, Scott shares his journey on the evolution of consciousness that centers on one’s own intuition and perceptions. This is a deep episode that covers many pivotal concepts, any of which, if integrated, could change the outcomes and results you experience in life as a man.

In this episode:

[1:20] Scott describes the Kundalini experience that brought him to pursuing breathwork including the insight gathered physically, mentally, spirituality and heart -wise.

[12:03] How does one experience the evolution of consciousness along with all the possibilities and potentials for all humans without Agent Smith syndrome?

[18:56] How does one bridge the gap between the businessman focused identity in a society with lost rites of passage?

[30:43] Case Study: Chasing the external, physical world of greed to turn like men such as Musk and Dorsey, who turn internally through meditation to create a heaven on earth in their consciousnesses.

[44:01] What is Mindset Mastery and how can it lead you to the warrior heart?

[53:47] How do you measure potential in a world that mistakes intuition and perception?

[1:04:06] How to compassionately acknowledge the parts of you that feel reactive, overthink, want to run and want to fight, patiently?

This podcast is here to help you stop managing your problems and start breaking free of stress, limiting beliefs and excuses to stop you from executing at your fullest potential, living with passion and being the man who you want to be. If you want to be a part of the Brotherhood, then click the link in the description below. I appreciate you and as always, stay unbreakable.


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