What is up, beautiful humans? On today’s episode of The Unbreakable Man Podcast, host Dave Cohodes talks with Cecilia Angel where we go deep into the realm of intuition, understanding masculine and feminine dynamics, and how that pertains to your overall psyche, your well being, and your life. We walk you through the elements of how to dive into your intuition, how to account for ego, and why it’s important to go through all of that to achieve a divine union between the masculine and feminine energies within yourself as a man, and as a partner.

In this episode:

[1:01] How to handle the stresses of everyday life through emotional adaptability?

[5:56] The feminine is a whisper that says “this is possible” to the stoic leader masculine energy and how to open up that channel to that feminine intuition.

[15:36] How is energy a form of communication through intuition?

[20:40] What does divine union mean in terms of feminine energy and how to dance within those harmonics?

[31:05] What does stability and feeling safe have to do with the emotional body in feminine energy compared to the masculine point of view?

[47:41] What does it mean to honor the responsibility of feminine and masculine energies within a partnership? 

[56:48] How do you embrace events as being neither good nor bad while knowing what you do and do not want out of experiences?

[1:00:46] The importance of holding safe spaces for vulnerability for loved ones as an empathetic witness.

[1:17:05] What is Ego’s place and how to befriend it, love it, and make it work for you while also tapping into your intuition?

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