Brotherhood, without a doubt, is one of the most valuable assets you can have in your life. If you expect to grow your relationship, your business, your bank account, and yourself as an individual, you must have a group of men around you that see you support you, not only to encourage you, but also hold you accountable and challenge you. We can come together and we can show up as the best version of ourselves, we can hold each other accountable. In today’s episode, podcast producer Scott Doucet joins Dave to discuss the topic of brotherhood, about the need for it, why it’s important, and what are the aspects you want to look for in a brotherhood. They also talk about the Unbreakable Man Brotherhood: the nuances, what’s inside of it, and why it’s so vital. I hope to see you there. Enjoy this episode.


In This Episode:


[0:05] The importance of having a brotherhood.

[6:13] What is happening at the Unbreakable Man Experience that is changing lives?

[7:41] When you reach your goals, what happens next? Where do you find further direction?

[15:43] Accountability vs. Empathy: When do you need tough love and when do you need understanding?

[20:51] The value of taking responsibility for your own growth, while having the support of others.

[30:53] Shedding the hostile protector of myself: How survival mode and identity can hold you back.

[44:22] The power of celebrating the Upward Spiral with a band of brothers.

[54:45] The importance of having the right mindset.

[1:06:08] The type of man you’re going to encounter in the brotherhood. 


More Scott:

If you want to join the Unbreakable Man Brotherhood, then click the link in the description below. I appreciate you and as always, stay unbreakable.


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