Men need challenge. Men need to go through a series of challenges in their life to find out what they are made of. It’s as if by design. They need to go through a series of initiatory rites of passage so that they can break their old ways, down their old psyche in order to find themselves to find the depths of who they truly are. In this episode, and over the course of the next seven episodes, Dave is very excited to bring you the first steps in what it takes to become an Unbreakable Man. In fact, this is part of the course – Becoming an Unbreakable Man – and you are going to get it for free as a podcast listener. This is a very special opportunity for you to follow along and start the process of initiation for yourself. It requires that you face challenge, that you step out of your comfort zone. Dave will teach you over the course of the next seven episodes how to tap into really what you want in life and in work, and help you process and understand the process of doing the deep work which is the emotional expression and overcoming the mindset blocks that stop you from being the man you want to be. This is the first step.


In This Episode:


[4:31] Stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming someone different.

[7:07] How to Set yourself up for success.

[10:10] What is The morning challenge?

[14:43] How to start cold immersion.

[18:15] Your neighbors will think you’re crazy for doing this.

[20:33] Health hacks to get more energy.

[21:58] The real impact of drugs and alcohol.


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