In today’s podcast episode, Dave’s going to dive into a very special training. This was the training that he had to go through to step off and be the man he truly wanted to be. He needed the vision, he needed the purpose, he needed the knowledge of where he was going. This is such an important lesson: If you don’t have a clear vision in mind, then you don’t know where you’re going. You’re just drifting without a purpose. Now, here’s the thing. A lot of people don’t necessarily know what they want. In today’s lesson, you’re going to learn how to identify and create a very clear vision for yourself so that you know where you’re going and can ultimately be the man you want to be.


In This Episode:


[0:01] The importance of knowing where you want to go.

[4:50] How to get real with yourself.

[10:26] Telling the truth within yourself.

[12:55] The 6 accounts to track your overall health and satisfaction.

[21:18] What would objectively have to be true in order to achieve one step better?

[27:49] What are your challenges costing you right now?


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