We are continuing the Becoming an Unbreakable Man series, this is installment three of seven. In today’s episode, Dave is walking you through how to become emotionally adaptable, and why that’s important. You know what an emotion is, but this is about more than just diving into emotions, but actually learning to use them to your advantage. If you think about just the entire experience of being a human, everything is emotional, it really is. Now when you’re in control of your emotional state, meaning you regardless of situation and circumstance, you are in control of your internal environment and your internal state, that is your center of power. If you can do that, then you are in command, if you can control your emotional state, you win. Enjoy today’s episode


In This Episode

[0:01] How to become emotionally adaptable.

[8:39] Relinquishing the idea that emotions are bad.

[10:33] Taking 100% responsibility for how you experience life.

[22:04] Setting up a safe environment for rage.

[25:14] Being a compassionate witness to your experience.

[24:02] Your body knows what it needs to do, Surrender yourself to the process.


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