If you aren’t integrating what you learn in life, you’re just not going to get what you want. In today’s lesson, Dave walks you through exactly how to integrate, why it’s so important and what you need to do to take the lesson that you’ve learned, and turn it into real action in your life. It is in this step, that you will actually get the outcome you’re looking for. It’s very important, of course, to go through the deep work that we’ve talked about in past episodes and things that you’ve heard from me, but in reality, you must integrate it. And when you do, you will become the man you want to be. This week’s episode goes into the relationship between ego, integration, and the duality of needing to experience the good and the bad of things in order to properly facilitate them and grow into a person capable of truly realizing your fullest potential. Enjoy today’s episode.


In This Episode

[0:01] How a lack of integration is like humping the air for an orgasm.

[8:23] Taking the emotional charge out of the experience.

[10:24] The definition of the ego, and why it has to die.

[15:06] How to become the beacon of the thing you want.

[17:43] Integration is the way.

[19:50] Become an unbreakable man.


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