In today’s episode, Dave walks you through the mindset hack that has completely transformed his life when it comes to getting things done and getting out of bed when you just don’t feel like it. Today, you are creating total commitment to yourself, understanding the hero’s journey and creating the intrinsic motivation to get things done, even when you don’t feel like it. This is something that Dave uses for himself as well as for every one of his clients. It is a powerful mindset hack to help you cultivate and create that motivation you’re needing. It’s a very powerful process, and you’re getting it right here. Let’s Go!


In This Episode

[0:02] The mindset hack that transformed Dave’s life.

[5:00] The hero’s journey from ages zero to seven.

[6:56] What happens when we emotionalize and internalize an event.

[9:32] Going through a process of transformation.

[11:29] The four step process of transformation.

[13:23] The hero’s journey and the return of the king.

[15:57] Create an intense commitment to yourself and to the world and write down your dream reality


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