Today’s episode is a powerful practice that Dave uses with all of his clients to help them tap into the intrinsic motivation system within their brain, so that they can get out of bed, even when they feel like laying down. It helps them to take action regardless of them feeling like it. Oftentimes we get into this trap in life where we know we want something, in our business, in our relationship or in some area of life, and in actuality, we know we want it but we stop ourselves from going after it. This is the last of the seven part series: Becoming an UNbreakable Man, and it is diving into the intrinsic motivation system so that no matter how you feel, you will do the things that are important to you. Because that’s what we’re here for. You’re here to do you in this life and be who you want to be. But ultimately, you’ve got to be able to tap into the intrinsic motivation system within your mind and body to be that man, because sometimes life can throw you a curveball. And it’s my hope that you know how to break through. Let’s Go!


In This Episode

[0:00] Tapping into the intrinsic motivation system.

[2:08] The middle ground between accountability and emotional support.

[4:06] The path of initiation requires commitment.

[6:28] If you want to help people, don’t do what they do.

[8:42] The power of being your best self.

[16:18] What’s the next step?

[18:43] Becoming an Unbreakable Man: The course.


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