Dave has done some incredible things in this life, but what happened over this last weekend was next level. Unbreakable Man hosted the first Life on Fire 24 hour event, and it was incredible. Dave wasn’t 100% sure if he could pull it off and get results that are actually life changing and not just temporary in 24 hours. He and the guys did it. They killed it. They trusted the process for going through the fire and for being the man they now are because they were willing to open themselves up to the possibility of something incredible, something totally transformative. In today’s episode, Dave interviews Khoury. He was one of the participants at this weekend’s event. And Dave’s incredibly proud of his story and wanted to share it. Let’s Go!


In This Episode

[0:00] The first life on fire, unbreakable man 24 hour event.

[2:56] What’s behind the profound joy Khoury’s been feeling since participating in the event.

[5:45] Being the beacon of light for your family.

[10:38] The importance of commanding your thoughts, feelings and actions.

[13:15] Breathwork and the release.

[16:55] What was your favorite part of the experience?

[19:27] How to be an adaptable man.

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