Ritual initiation is vital to the well being of men, especially when they feel like they’re not in command of their own life. In today’s conversation, Dave sits down with Micah McLaughlin, who is a somatic therapist, a healer, and just an all around incredible human. He was referred to Dave simply by a friend, and as soon as they got on the phone, Dave knew instantly that this man is a brother. They share a very common thread, viewpoints and philosophies on the need for ritual initiation, for somatic therapies, and other modalities to help men come into their fullness to help them find their backbone and their heart. Oftentimes, we don’t realize that we don’t have a fully open heart, we have a deep backbone, and we feel strong as men. Or in another case, we might feel like we’re overly in our heart, and we’re a little bit soft, a little bit weak, and so we need to balance the two. Enjoy today’s conversation between Dave and Micah as they explain just how to do that. Let’s Go!


In This Episode

[0:01] Ritual initiation is vital to the well-being of men.

[4:58] Micah’s Journey of self-healing and self-growth over the last 15 years.

[7:43] Medicine, breathwork and the non-ordinary state.

[13:56] Breathwork is potent in allowing us to get into the body.

[17:26] What are bioenergetics?

[21:20] What is lifeforce and why is it so powerful?

[28:33] Connecting to the fire in the belly and the mission.

[36:35] The three levels of boyhood psychology.

[46:08] The importance of working with young men.

[1:02:08] The messiness of healing the masculine.

[1:05:11] How to heal the deep inner wounds.


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