Compassion is not being nice. In fact, compassion is fierce. It can be ruthless at times. It is the part of you that is required to call out a friend when they’re drinking too much. It is the part of you required to call yourself out, when you’re not living up to your potential. When you know you have more in the bank, and you’re just not living up to the man you can be. It’s the part of you that will be the light in the darkness, that will call forward that which is necessary. Compassion is a virtue required to be an Unbreakable Man. When you live with compassion, you recognize it’s not just being sympathetic, and it’s not being empathetic. Rather, it’s the middle ground that can call people out when needed. It’s understanding and setting boundaries, understanding your connection to the world. In today’s conversation with Laura Jack, author of The Compassion Code, Dave sits down to discuss all the nuances of setting boundaries, understanding compassion, empathy and sympathy. Dave also shares some personal details about his life so that you learn more about the entire expression that he is experiencing. Hopefully you get plenty out of this episode so that you can show up in the world as a better version of yourself. Let’s go!


In This Episode

[0:02] Compassion is not being nice.

[5:07] How Laura’s journey into health and nutrition began.

[8:44] How to make meaning out of our lives.

[12:10] The importance of firm boundaries.

[19:37] What is the compassion bell curve? 

[23:24] The classic version of people pleasing and codependency.

[33:57] The importance of telling the truth about boundaries.

[51:51] Opening your consciousness.

[1:09:26] The realization of divine love and divine union.

[1:17:18] Living in your truth and integrity.


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