Believe it or not, you are living by a series of beliefs. You are living by a set of virtues that are underlying those beliefs. Oftentimes, mindset coaches will talk about your beliefs but underneath that is a set of virtues that will create the entire base for your mindset and your framework. In today’s podcast, Dave is going to walk you through the five virtues every man must have, and the same virtues he runs the unbreakable man under. When Dave started to discover what his own personal virtues were, he started to really unpack a lot of the mindsets that were built upon those. He began to realize “if I was in alignment, I felt good. If I wasn’t in alignment with those virtues, I did not feel good.” When he wasn’t feeling good, he wasn’t moving towards the things he wanted in life, he was feeling dissatisfied, he wasn’t fulfilled. So today’s episode is a list of the five virtues that you can live by, that will guide you away from those negative emotions and on to the course and direction that you are looking for in life. Let’s go!


In This Episode

[2:12] The five virtues that every human being must live by.

[7:11] The harmony and power of discipline, responsibility, integrity, courage, courage and compassion.

[12:25] Your thoughts, feelings and actions dictate the quality and outcomes of life.

[17:25] Taking true power back by taking responsibility.

[22:30] Living in integrity and being your word.

[33:07] How courage is required for self-actualization.

[38:21] Compassion is vital for your well-being.

[42:54] Breaking through an old psychological pattern.


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