We were all put on this earth for a reason. We all have a purpose. Just like a snowflake has a unique blueprint, we too have a unique purpose for this planet. When we listen to this purpose, when we hear the call within, and we fulfill this purpose, we will live the most abundantly fulfilled, incredible life we can possibly live. Now, of course, this will send us on a journey that we cannot even fathom, sometimes we’ll be called down to the jungles of Peru or Brazil. In today’s conversation, you will hear from Julian Rosen, a dear friend of Dave’s, he is a mentor, a healer and a coach. He has helped Dave through a lot of processes in life, and in this conversation, he will describe how he got onto the spiritual path, what led him down that, and of course, all of the crazy things along the way. You will learn an incredible amount of information relative to understanding the spiritual path, where it can lead you and help you uncover some things within yourself, and if you have curiosities or concerns about stepping more fully into yourself.


In This Episode

[0:01] The importance of fulfilling your spiritual purpose.

[6:01] Concentration meditation and divine consciousness.

[9:33] The first spiritual awakening.

[20:38] The power of prayer and intention.

[34:16] How to create a deeper connection with yourself.

[51:11] Honoring the seasonality of your life.

[57:59] Giving yourself permission to be a spiritual and successful man.


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