If you are a man in a committed relationship, and you want to have more sex, or better sex, this is absolutely the episode for you. In today’s podcast, Dave sits down with Keith Yackey, from TheMarriageGame.com. They unpack the five fundamentals of what it takes to get the quantity and quality of sex you want in your relationship, and what he calls “when the trust goes up, the lust goes up.” Keith gives such valuable knowledge in this podcast. Now, here’s the key to this entire thing: If you’ve been listening to the podcast, you already know that it comes down to you being who you authentically are. Period. End of story. It requires that you live with responsibility, integrity, discipline, courage, and compassion. If you can live with those values, then you will be on the path. The Unbreakable Man actually happens to have the exact same value sets for becoming the man you want to be. So you are going to love today’s episode. Enjoy the show. Let’s Go!


In This Episode

[3:03] Most women are planning their exit a year before they leave.

[6:31] How Keith found his wife, and how he got her back again.

[13:49] What is the problem with romantic relationships?

[21:04] Do what you say you’re going to do without fault and watch what happens next.

[33:35] How do you get your wife to have more sex?

[47:38] Creating a safe space for your partner.

[1:07:00] The importance of putting thoughtfulness into your relationships.


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