If you’re looking for more intimacy, depth and connection in your relationship, this is absolutely the episode for you. In today’s conversation Dave is joined by Kat Smailis, the intimacy therapist. The two discuss everything from masculine and feminine dynamics, to trauma, nervous system regulation and even going into some deep dives in other areas that you’ll find pretty amusing. Dave also shares some information that he hopes other men will resonate with, so that you too will understand that your partnership is there as an opportunity for growth. It is the number one way to break through any mindset blocks you have about yourself or about other people. Your relationship is the number one area for you to be the best version of yourself. Let’s go!


In This Episode

[0:01] Intimacy is the number one area for growth.

[6:01] The importance of intimacy in relationships.

[12:24] What are boundaries and how do you set them?

[26:00] Masculine feminine dynamic of understanding.

[39:14] How to add sympathetic charge to your system.

[44:37] Be the white knight and win the day.

[1:07:56] How do you achieve connection in relationships?


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