What is up beautiful people? In today’s episode, we’re going to unpack and uncover all of the reasons why you stop yourself in life. We’re going to walk through the three types of emotional reactions that stop you from really getting the results you’re looking for in your work and your relationships and in your life. When you’re about to make a breakthrough, one of these three things is going to show up. So if you understand them, then you are aware enough to get over that hump. You are aware to stop yourself from running away, going back into the old pattern, and trying the old way you were doing it. Ultimately the only way out of it is through it. So if you’re finding yourself stuck, if you’re finding yourself in a place where you’re just not getting results, this is absolutely the lesson for you.


In This Episode

[0:01] Three types of reactions, emotional reactions, deep emotional wounds.

[6:12] What is the definition of transformation?

[9:20] How to become a more responsible self.

[16:07] The three types of reactions to trauma.

[26:46] Why is telling the truth so important? 

[29:29] The only way out is through the pain.

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