If you are having any struggle in life right now, it is time for a rite of passage. In today’s episode, Dave unpacks the nuances and necessity for rites of passage, and encourages you to go find one, so that you can show up in the world as the man you want to be. This is something that we have lost. This is an art. This is a true element to healing your psyche, to being the individual you are looking to be in this lifetime, so that you can serve a purpose greater than yourself. Ultimately, we start to lose our soul as men in modern society. We sacrifice our soul at the altar of our success, and it is through a rite of passage that you will find and uncover who you truly are, break down those walls and open your heart to a new potential.


In This Episode

[0:01] The importance of rites of passage.

[6:12] The four elements of rites of passage.

[9:06] What is the essence of brotherhood?

[21:56] The four phases of initiation and separation.

[29:25] The integration phase of the journey.

[36:20] Finding something fulfilling.


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