What is up, beautiful humans? We have an incredible conversation for you today. Dave sits down with Linzee Bell. She is a transformative performer who is absolutely magnetic in her performance. In fact, she was one of the many dancers in the Rihanna set at the Super Bowl! She and Dave share a lot of common threads when it comes to looking at the human psyche, understanding what it means to be a human in today’s day and age. They have an incredible, wide ranging conversation in which Dave shares his experience with plant medicines (more specifically with Ayahuasca, and Buffo) and the incredible effects that they have.You’re really gonna enjoy this episode. Tune in.


In This Episode

[3:40] The key to finding the divine feminine essence.

[13:16] How to unleash the power within.

[30:38] The power of knowing your truth.

[56:53] Connecting to the divine source. 

[1:12:05] The masculine and feminine dynamic.

[1:14:30] How do we find reciprocity?

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