The Unbreakable Man is an initiatory rite of passage into manhood that ushers you from a place of lack to a place of fulfillment. It’s a calling that pulls you in to become the grandest version of yourself possible. It builds you to your highest potential. But there’s a cost: You’ll have to face your ego, as well as confront many other challenges on the path to becoming unbreakable. In this episode, Brandon Blake flips the script and interviews Dave, but not before getting into his own recount of attending The Unbreakable Man Experience and what he took away from it, as well as the transformation he was able to attain as a result of showing up. During the discussion, the guys cover how ego showed up during the retreat. They also get into boundaries,and how to set them in a firm and respectable manner. The peel back what it means to be a warrior, and what masculinity is in reality. 


In This Episode

[0:01] The initiatory rite of passage: The Unbreakable Man.

[7:23] When the ego gets in the way.

[16:56] Understanding the often misused Warrior Archetype.

[24:48] How to set your own boundaries.

[48:38] Reclaiming your own mental and physical power.

[1:03:23] The objective vs. subjective reality of masculinity.

[1:43:46] How do you channel your energy?


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