One of the things Dave preaches on is how to break through in life and how to take command of your mind, body and soul. In today’s podcast, He sits down with Tim Kennedy. He is a special forces operator, he has been a US Green Beret for many years, Master Sergeant, he has fought for UFC titles, built companies and has done incredibly well for himself in many regards across life. What they discuss today is not just the mindsets that help you break through, but also what are the things that really guide an individual? It is an incredible conversation and opportunity to sit down with Tim and really get to know him, not just the myth, the man, the legend, but also understand who he is, but what  he values, his virtues, what drives him, and even when what he does when he comes home from a deployment. Dave was able to dive deep into his habits, his programming, and just what he does as a human to break through. So if you are looking for the knowledge and understanding of how to break through in life, and whatever is stopping you from being the best version of yourself, this is absolutely the episode for you.


In This Episode

[5:58] Warrior culture and its impact on society.

[9:24] War experiences and mental health support.

[19:18] Personal growth, compassion, and the military.

[26:52] Cold water immersion for mental and physical well-being.

[30:48] Hunting, conservation, and warrior culture.

[37:47] Pouring oneself into a mission or idea greater than oneself.

[47:45] Prioritizing time and intentional actions for personal growth.


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