In this episode, Dave sits down with Brandon Bozarth to discuss what goes into becoming a man in his entirety. Brandon teaches the embodiment of the “Non-Dual Awakening” realization that has been referenced in every major religion and spiritual tradition over the last 10,000 years.  He founded Integrated Self Inquiry (ISI) as a process of revealing inner peace through radical truth-telling. His holistic approach to experiencing genuine freedom in all areas of life has been taught in workshops, retreats, and in his online courses all over the world over the past decade. The two get into some deep and fascinating topics surrounding wholism, the illusion of separation, as well as how to embody personal growth and heal both physically and mentally by resolving internal conflict within yourself.


In This Episode

[0:02] Non-duality and consciousness in physics and psychology.

[3:27] The illusion of separation and seeking connection.

[15:09] Emotional healing through self-inquiry.

[22:14] Spirituality, personal growth, and healing.

[39:14] Biology and disease as a result of psychological conflicts.

[50:58] The role of bacteria and fungi in the body.

[1:08:22] Facilitation, self-awareness, and acceptance.


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