In This Episode, Dave chats with Fish Fischer about being a caddy in the PGA, and how that experience shaped his perceptions on accomplishment and the importance of having perspective surrounding goals and achievements. The guys also get into how lived experiences shape who we are, how men can move into a place of embodiment (and why we want to) as well as how beneficial the art and act of somatic breathwork can be if done consistently and intentionally. They also relate about the burdens men carry throughout their lives and how emotional expression and being able to articulate your emotional state with others is crucial.


In This Episode

[3:27] Embodiment, guiding principles, and personal growth.

[9:26] The highs and lows of being a caddy in the PGA.

[15:07] The value of lived experiences and personal growth.

[20:51] Ayahuasca experiences and personal growth.

[26:12] Somatic breathwork and its transformative power.

[31:32] Integrating emotional release into modern life.

[37:45] Emotional vulnerability and the human experience.

[49:21] Men’s emotional expression and carrying burdens.


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