When times get tough having emotional adaptability is without a doubt, the number one skill you must have to generate the result you’re actually looking for in life. In this episode, Dave sits down with Chris Wilson from the Unshakable Man. They dissect what it actually means to be both unbreakable and unshakable and the differences. They also guide you through the process of how to have emotional adaptability. If you understand that you need emotional adaptability, and you know how to implement it in your world, you will be able to show up as the man you want to be. 

Let’s Go.


In This Episode:


[3:55] What does it mean to be an unshakeable man?

[8:20] The story in our head is real but not true.

[11:50] The difference between a safe space and a brave space.

[26:04] Taking the emotional charge out of the experience.

[41:01] The importance of making time for yourself.

[1:00:34] The importance of making time for yourself.

[1:23:16] Sharing into the space and closing the container.


More Chris:


If you want to join the Unbreakable Man Brotherhood https://theunbreakableman.com

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