What is up, beautiful humans? Welcome to this week’s episode of the Unbreakable Man podcast. In today’s episode Athan Schindler joins Dave to break down what makes a good coach, and how to coach yourself. Athan shares his journaling practice, which has served to lighten the mental load and reaffirm himself. Dave and Athan discuss purpose and how to go about defining what purpose you serve in your life. FInally the guys talk about Standard Operating Procedures and how they impact your day to day activities in a way that creates more streamlined processes, and puts power and confidence into the hands of the people around you.


In This Episode:


[2:12] How Dave and Athan became acquainted, and how that became the foundation of what the Unbreakable Man movement is today.

[7:15] What happens when you realize that you are the problem?

[15:47] When you’re looking to hire a coach, what qualities are you looking for?

[22:20] A really simple but effective journaling practice to help you lighten the load mentally.

[31:41] The critical role that self coaching plays in our lives as men.

[41:39] How did Athan determine what his purpose and service were going to be?

[51:44] What is a Standard Operating Procedure and why are they an absolute game changer?

[57:37] Why would you hesitate to hire a coach?


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