Welcome to this episode of The Unbreakable man podcast. This week Dave is speaking with Desiree Gutierrez. She is a dear friend, incredible soul, and is one of Austin’s top real estate agents, and just an overall incredible human. In this episode they unpack what is required of you to execute at a high level. They also get into how to identify your inner knowing, how to show up with a set intention in mind, and what it’s like to dive into a mission or a calling. This is an episode that is as authentic as they come and although it contains a bit of background noise from the coffee shop it was recorded in, the content makes it highly recommendable. You won’t want to miss this one as Desiree is just crushing it in life and offering up massive insights on how you can get there too.


In This Episode:


[8:38] How do you tune into your intuition?

[17:59] How did you get into somatic release?

[26:50] Finding your authentic self and bringing it to others.

[31:55] How do you know if you’re tuning in to others?

[42:48] Consciousness vs unconsciousness.

[48:53] Diving into a mission or calling.

[59:35] How to set clear boundaries around your decisions.


More Desiree: https://instagram.com/gooddaysinaustin

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