If you’re not expressing yourself as who you are above all else, the world will wash you over. In today’s episode, Dave has another sit down with Desiree Gutierrez, who teaches you how to bring all of yourself into your business. The reason she is so incredibly successful is because she doesn’t ask for permission, she makes it happen. She is a conscious creator of her reality, and she’s able to manifest things that are incredible. She’s an incredible real estate agent, because she knows exactly what she’s doing, by being her truest self. Dave and Dez go through a wide ranging conversation encompassing everything from surrender, how to be your most authentic self, to actually tapping into a deep practice. Enjoy today’s episode. Let’s Go!


In This Episode:


[16:01] How do you cultivate your lifeforce?

[21:39] Sitting with yourself and letting go.

[28:15] Acting from a place of joy and freedom.

[38:33] The power of holding space and being an empathetic witness.

[52:53] How to create a whole experience of success.

[1:12:25] How do I want to feel?

[1:20:10] How do you know when to be a provider?

[1:26:58] The difference between being a rainmaker and getting by.


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