Turning your purpose into profit can be a cumbersome endeavor. When Dave set out to turn his purpose into a company, he had no idea where to start, and hired a coach to help him chisel out the mission and guide him along the way. In this episode, Dave helps former client, and all around incredible human Sean, to identify what is of greatest importance to him personally, and what the value set is for a corporate coaching program that he wanted to start. Now you’ll find out early on, that he’s in a bit of a transition. Wherever you are in your life. There’s always this process of transformation. When we realize that we have something of incredible value that is actually a deep seated purpose, we can not only achieve the success we want, but we actually get to achieve the purpose we are seeking along the way. That’s the nuance. That’s the deliciousness of soul quenching satisfaction, and you’ll hear Dave guide Sean, to help him identify that for himself. Let’s go!


In This Episode

[0:01] How do you turn your purpose into profit?

[5:44] Finding a purpose and feeling seen and heard.

[11:44] Authenticity is living in integrity with self.

[14:10] Creating an environment for individuals to feel safe and secure.

[19:07] Integrity, authenticity, vulnerability and curiosity are important.

[22:34] Spending time getting to know people and asking questions.

[26:30] Putting on a mask to protect the soft underbelly.

[41:26] Knowing who you are and what you want to bring.

[1:02:39] How to think of new ways to do things.

[1:05:18] Five pieces: surrender, presence, curiosity, creativity, creativity and playfulness.


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