October 5

Nick Lewis


“I chose to attend the Unbreakable Man Experience because my brother attended last, and I saw the immediate change in him. I felt the connection I’ve been looking for for 15 years with him. I watched him turn his life around. So I said, ‘let me sign up’.

I felt so much love, compassion, understanding for who I am, who I’m supposed to be, what my purpose is, what I’m going to do with my life – something I’ve been looking for for a long, long time.

I’m going to be able to use everything I’ve learned from that weekend, in my real life – number one: the connection with my wife, my daughter, my family. Now that I’m whole, I have the ability to be whole for them, to love 1,000%.

My everyday life is enjoyable and so much easier.

I recommend the Unbreakable Man to anybody who’s looking for your purpose, love, and understanding and let it lead you down your path.”


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Nick Lewis

Nick Lewis
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